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SKPDX-for-webRelive the Fashion Forward 2014 show.  SKPDX on the runway:


Portland Mercury reviews StudioSKB

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Glorious-Black-FTLMore fun comments on the Fade to Light show from The Mercury’s own Marjorie Skinner. Here’s what she said about our collection:
“Studio SKB had one of the most memorable presentations, with designer Sharon Blair opening with a clip from Roman Holiday of Audrey Hepburn getting her hair chopped off, while Blair herself sat on a stool getting her hair combed and pulled back into a ponytail. As the clip ended, Blair had her own long blond hair chopped short to donate to Locks of Love.

“The collection, which was accompanied by a slideshow featuring Audrey and Katherine Hepburn in different stages of their careers, consisted of looks inspired by the ’50s and early ’60s, but infused with a sense of ease and fun not usually seen during those decades.

“The highlights of the collection included a subtle plum colored plaid and some intricate lacework, as well as a series of very structured cropped jackets. The presentation concluded with a black New Look-inspired ensemble which, while maybe kinda literal, was stunning nonetheless.”
Read on:

Fade to Light show reveals S/S2014 Glorious collection from StudioSKB

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FadeToLightBannerMiss the Fade to Light show? Want to relive the StudioSKB section. Here you go:

StudioSKB S/S2014 Glorious collection gets glorious review

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Tiffany-Plum-FTLFirst review of Fade to Light in — from Portland Monthly. Reviewer Eden Dawn has nice things to say about our StudioSKB collection. Our Tiffany dress is a featured pic. Read on:
Fade to Light Fashion Show Recap
“Designers like Bryce Black, Sharon Blair, and Michelle Lesniak made Fade to Light one of the year’s most fun local fashion events thanks to . . . “

Chicago Harper

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Fade to Light 2013 fashion show recap

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StudioSKB’s white lace dress rated #1 on Portland Monthly’s favorite things about last Wednesday’s Fade to Light show.  Sharon Blair, designer for StudioSKB, was one of 8 designers showing their Autumn/Winter 2013 lines in the midst of an artistic venue.

Sharon’s inspiration for the A/W 2013 line:  Edie Sedgwick, star of Andy Warhol movies in his New York Factory day.  The line showed the transition from the close fitting long skirts of the early 1960s to the looser, shorter styles worn by Edie and her Factory colleague, Baby Jane Holzer.  Model Shaedyn shown here, epitomizes the Baby Jane look.

StudioSKB will start taking orders for the A/W 2013 line later in March.

For more about the show, follow the link by clicking here

Getting ready for the Fade to Light show

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We’re getting ready for the Fade to Light show Wednesday, Feb 27, Crystal Ballroom at 13th & E Burnside.  StudioSKB will show 12 looks inspired by the transition in fashion during the 1960s.  These Autumn/Winter 2013 tyles will move from those epitomized by Pauline Trigere to those worn by Edie Sedgwick, star of Andy Warhol’s Factory.  And, yes, it will be quite a show.

As I told Marjorie Skinner of the Portland Mercury,

I am inspired by Andy Warhol’s factory girl film star, Edie Sedgwick, for StudioSKB, A/W 2013,  Actually, it was a conversation with Elizabeth Mollo, the Fade to Light producer, that got me started down this road.  Elizabeth looks a bit like Edie.  Our conversation made me feel the same atmosphere of that time:  The bursting desire to break free from past constraints and move into a new, exciting future.  For the early 1960s of Edie’s time, it was a break from the conventions and constraints of the 1950s.  For us now, after the re-election of Obama it is the burning desire to shake off the gray days of congressional gridlock, recession, bad economy and jump into a giddy future of invention and optimism.

My 10-piece collection moves from the well tailored details of a Pauline Trigere, as worn by Patricia Neal in 1961′s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to the loose fun styles of Mary Quant and Ossie Clark.

With each collection, I keep joking with Josh Buck and Lisa Silveira that “this is my final collection.”  So I guess you could call this my second annual final collection for StudioSKB.

Other designers showing include Bryce Black of Project Runway, Alyson Clair of Clair Vintage Inspired, Joshua Buck of Chicago Harper, Lisa Silveira of Wandering Muse and Alicia Wood of Ms Wood.

To purchase tickets, click here.

Top 6 trends for 2013 and beyond

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Recent trips to the apparel, textile and trend shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York kick-started thoughts on what will be the big trends for this decade.  In fact, we’re in the early stages of some of these trends already.
As you are shopping, viewing ads or starting your own apparel line, watch for this:
1)  Think small.  Shoppers are looking for the limited and personal.  Look for adjectives such as “authentic”, “limited”, “crafted”, “sustainable”, and “artisanal” applied to garments and accessories.  Boutiques will continue to use words like “edited” and “curated” when talking about the lines of clothing they will carry.
2) Big is small too.  Look for the continuing trend of boutiques within department stores.  Anthropologie’s floor layout is the standard.  JCPenney is embracing it as well.  Target does this when it joins forces with Todd Oldham, Missoni and Nieman-Marcus.
3) Retailtainment.  Don’t you love that Sears ad when the young couple meets cute in an airport only to collide with the stainless steel refrigerators at the end?  As DVRs, Netflix and the Internet help viewers skip ads, advertisers are trying to lure us in with story lines we want to watch.
4) Generation gaps are fading.  We’ve heard before that 40 is the new 20.  Well, 60 is the new 40.  As the US population ages, sellers are finding “gray gold.”  These folks are retiring young enough and with money enough to stay in shape and enjoy life.  In some circles, they are called “LOMLOTs” = lots of money, lots of time.  They’re fit, healthy and tech savvy.  The only thing they fear is boredom.
5)  Consumer is time poor.  Men are notorious for doing most of their shopping on-line (or through catalogs).  That’s becoming a growing trend among women and certainly the young.  Go to the mail and you’ll see only one out of 10 carrying shopping bags during the holidays, one of 20+ during the rest of the year.  Malls now are more of a place to mingle for teens, relax for families and exercise for elders.
Shoppers are trending more to the Internet for shopping when they have free moment, when they can’t go to sleep and when they need a break from work.  On-line sellers respond with more selection and free shipping both ways.  You’ve heard of “showcasing” –viewing in the store, buying on line?  This is part of this trend.
If you buy on the Internet, look for more targeted advertising and time of day pricing next time you open your browser to shop.
6)  Closed loop is the new eco-fabric.  If you’ve read my “Sew Green” article in Threads magazine, you’ll know that there are drawbacks to some the fabrics we often today call “eco.”  Look for the super-synthetics being developed by companies, including Adidas and Nike, to take the place of such things as organic cotton and bamboo.
These new fabrics will use chemicals that are recycled instead of released into the environment.  This is called closed loop processing.  Here’s a bonus:  They’ll use nano technology for breathable and comfort.  They’ll even build up static electricity so you can charge your cell phone while you’re on the go.
And the color of the year?  Emerald.  Look for our StudioSKB Gilda dress, in emerald, soon at Radish Underground and Mabel & Zora.

Chicago Harper now at Radish Underground

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Chicago Harper by Joshua Buck for StudioSKB


Visit Radish Underground, 414 SW 10th, Portland Oregon, as part of your Little Boxes tour of holiday shopping.

Chicago Harper in MOD

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Hidden Placket Shirt in Chambray; Painter Pant in Neon Orange

Marjorie Skinner said good things about Joshua Buck's Spring 2013 line for Chicago Harper/StudioSKB.
    "Joshua Buck's menswear collections for Chicago Harper/Studio SKB walk a fine line between usability
 and creativity. Consider the multipurposeness of a pair of pants that make you ultra-visible as a cyclist
 or ped, are lightweight, water resistant, edgy, and this well tailored."
    Skinner writes the Mercury On Design -- or MOD -- column for the Portland Mercury.  She recently
filmed a segment about Portland Fashion with Buck for Oregon Art Beat.  In it, she called Buck "one of the most
interesting designers working in town, and one of the few doing menswear apparel that walks the line between
wearable and experimental."  Ifanyi Bell, the interviewer from Oregon Public Broadcasting, wore
some of Buck's clothes from the Spring collection.
  Buck designs the menswear line for Sharon Blair's StudioSKB.  Look for his garments soon at
Radish Underground, west end of downtown,and Posh Designs in the Hollywood District.